So … who is in the ED Hall of Fame?

Though ED Publications has been inducting individuals into its Hall of Fame since the very first ED’s Awards Show in 1998, many people don’t know which industry veterans have enjoyed the recognition of Hall of Fame induction. Here, we’ve printed the complete list of inductees.

Each year, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (based in Cleveland, Ohio) reveals its list of nominees for potential induction. And each year, people argue … and argue … and argue. Because music is inherently subjective — and because many of us feel very passionately about their favorite bands (I mean, why isn’t Iron Maiden in the RRHOF already?!) — the debate is almost always contentious.

Thankfully, the ED (EXOTIC DANCER) Hall of Fame doesn’t produce a similar level of vitriol. Rather, ED Hall of Fame inductees tend to be celebrated, as the legends of the industry — from club owners to top executives, to industry pros, to entertainers — have been welcomed into this rarified company since 1998 (when the very first ED Awards Show was held).

But who, exactly, has been inducted into the EXOTIC DANCER Hall of Fame? Below, we’ve printed the complete list of ED Hall of Famers. You’ll notice that the first several inductees were either former feature entertainers or were connected to feature entertainment, which reflects the fact that feature entertainment was a more prominent facet of the industry 25-30 years ago. We also began inducting multiple individuals (in select years) beginning in 2003. Sadly, as you’ll also notice, a number of these inductees are now deceased.


Eleanor Bucci, founder of the Universal Feature Booking Agency (deceased)

Venus DeLight,
feature entertainer

Melissa Wolf,
feature entertainer

Blondage, feature entertainer duo
(Julia Ann and Janine)

Ginger Lynn,
feature entertainer

Harry Mohney,
Founder of the Deja Vu club chain

Alyssa Alps, feature entertainer

David “Slim” Baucom, founder of the MAL Entertainment club chain

Al Sokol, owner of Al’s Diamond Cabaret in Reading, PA

Michael J. Peter, industry founder
(Thee Dollhouse, Solid Gold, Pure Platinum, more)

Rita Bane, founder of the Continental Theatrical Booking Agency (deceased)

Michael Pinter, veteran Central Florida club owner (Club Juana)

Steve Cooper, owner of the
Christie’s Cabaret club chain

Motley Crue (for writing the industry anthem “Girls, Girls, Girls”)

Jerry Reid, founder of the Pure Gold club chain of the Carolinas (deceased)

Jim St. John, industry veteran (Spearmint Rhino, formerly Deja Vu)

Don “Weasel” DalPonte owner of the Weasel’s Sportsman’s Rendezvous club (deceased)

Greta Shamy, owner of Delilah’s in Philadelphia (deceased)

Albert Bortz, former owner of Blush
in Pittsburgh

First Amendment Attorneys Clyde DeWitt,
Brad Shafer, Luke Lirot & John Weston
(Weston is now deceased)

Duke Dearing & Randy Beasley, veteran club operators
(Dearing is now deceased)

Joe Redner, owner of
Mons Venus in Tampa

Hal Lowrie, Founder of the
PT’s Showclubs chain, accepted by his son Troy Lowrie (Hal is deceased)

John Gray, founder of the
Spearmint Rhino club chain

Joe Carouba, head of BSC Management (own/operate clubs in
San Francisco)

Dennis DeGori, industry veteran and co-owner/operator of E11EVEN in Miami

Eric Langan, Chairman, CEO and President of RCI Hospitality

Kathy Vercher, President & COO of
the Spearmint Rhino club chain

John Kirkendoll, club owner (Kirkendoll Management, The Penthouse Clubs)

2020: None (COVID, no EXPO)

Jerry Westlund, founder and owner
of The Pony Clubs chain

Christina Aguchi, feature entertainer

Warren Colazzo, industry veteran
and managing partner of
Thee Dollhouse Tampa