Voting Rules

Please, No Cheating!
This includes, but is not limited to…

  • No duplicate accounts*
  • No multiple accounts*
  • No spoofed accounts*
  • No junk or fake email accounts*

The rules are simple:

  1. You must register to vote with a valid email address or social media account.
  2. One account per person.
  3. One vote per candidate.
  4. One vote per person / per user account.

You may create an account and then once you click register, you are able to view the categories, nominees and the current ballots. Click or Tap a choice and your vote is automatically submitted. You will see a success message to confirm this.

The ballots are grouped into three categories, Entertainer, Clubs & Club Staff.

We encourage you to vote in all of the categories you are familiar with. If you only want to vote in one category, that is fine too!

If you want to enable a device in your club and have your patrons vote from this central device, you may do this but they still need to have their own account.

Please contact us with your IP address so we can make sure that you dont get blocked for abuse as multiple votes from a single IP address will flag the submissions in our system. Use the contact us form to submit your info.

*Any accounts of this type and the corresponding votes will be removed.