17. What is ED Magazine

ED Magazine (formerly known as Club Bulletin) has been the bimonthly industry trade magazine for the multi-billion-dollar adult nightclub industry since 1996 (although ED Publications as an annual guide has been in business since 1991). ED Magazine is mailed to the owners and operators of more than 1,700 adult nightclubs in North America—and is also mailed to over 1,000 more vendors and industry professionals. The magazine is the only news and reference source for the decision-makers and buyers at gentlemen’s clubs.

Each issue of ED Magazine is packed with legal, marketing, management, staff training and vendor relations news designed with but one goal in mind—to increase business for  gentlemen’s club owners by providing them with how-to tips and access to the vendors and industry pros whose products and services can help them increase their profits. It’s big business, and it’s a business that ED Publications has covered, and will continue to cover, in a big way.