1. What was the Nomination Suggestion thingy you guys are doing?

There are so many people who are deserving of awards in the Gentlemens Club Industry, it’s almost impossible for us to keep up with each and every entertainer, club owner, new club, staff member or business. So we are allowing YOU to help us decide who will be on the next ballot. Simply register for a free TheEDawards.com account and you are then allowed to suggest new nominees for us to review.

Once your nominee suggestion is live on the site, other users and visitors can up-vote and comment on it as well. Unregistered visitors are allowed just to view the existing nominee suggestions but registered users are allowed to create new nomineee suggestions, comment on the suggestions submitted by others and up-vote their favorites.

This system works as a basic “Question and Answer” forum where the categories are presented as questions and users are allowed to answer the questions, comment on previously submitted answers and up-vote their favorites.

The “UP-VOTE” function is NOT a vote-to-win system, it is simply a way for us to determine who is trending or popular amongst fans and the industry. The Up-Votes do not gurantee eligibility to appear on the final ballot. Although it does help our team make a decision.

At the end of the nomination process, we will take all of the nominee suggestions, votes and comments collected on this site and review each for eligibility to appear on final ballot for each particular category.