Commonly asked questions about the ED Awards Show, voting and the nomination system:

There are so many people who are deserving of awards in the Gentlemens Club Industry, it’s almost impossible for us to keep up with each and every entertainer, club owner, new club, staff member or business. So we are allowing YOU to help us decide who will be on the next ballot. Simply register for a free TheEDawards.com account and you are then allowed to suggest new nominees for us to review.

Once your nominee suggestion is live on the site, other users and visitors can up-vote and comment on it as well. Unregistered visitors are allowed just to view the existing nominee suggestions but registered users are allowed to create new nomineee suggestions, comment on the suggestions submitted by others and up-vote their favorites.

This system works as a basic “Question and Answer” forum where the categories are presented as questions and users are allowed to answer the questions, comment on previously submitted answers and up-vote their favorites.

The “UP-VOTE” function is NOT a vote-to-win system, it is simply a way for us to determine who is trending or popular amongst fans and the industry. The Up-Votes do not gurantee eligibility to appear on the final ballot. Although it does help our team make a decision.

At the end of the nomination process, we will take all of the nominee suggestions, votes and comments collected on this site and review each for eligibility to appear on final ballot for each particular category.

Beginning in 2014, with the inception of the EDI (Exotic Dancer Invitational) East and West contests, winners of each contest (Showgirl Division & Champion Division) received automatic nominations for two of the ED’s Overall Entertainer of the Year slots. That leaves the rest of the Entertainer of the Year nominees to be decided in part by the pre-nominations voting process, in part by input from ED Publications staff and other industry professionals. Notes: To be nominated for ED’s Entertainer of the Year, you MUST be able to be booked in the United States as a feature entertainer (and preferably have had multiple U.S. feature bookings from June 2018-June 2019). You also MUST appear in person to perform and possibly accept the award on stage at the Annual ED’s Awards Show if you are nominated for Overall Entertainer of the Year.

The Exotic-Dancer Awards show is an annual live event that is held this year during The Gentlemen’s Club Owners EXPO, August 20-23 2023 in Las Vegas NV at the Paris Hotel Casino and Resort. The ED Awards Show where the winners are announced is at The Criss Angel Theatre Inside of Planet Hollywood Hotel Tuesday Night, August 22nd. The purpose is to determine who is the BEST of the BEST in the Gentlemens Club Industry. The Best Club, Best Entertainers, The Best businesses and more. Many awards are given out at the show and your vote on this site directly affects the outcome!
Learn more about the 2023 EXPO HERE

YES, anyone with a ticket can attend the 2023 ED Awards Show, but only those in the Gentlemen’s Club industry can attend the tradeshow. Tickets may be purchased HERE.

YES, anyone can vote. We encourage fans and the entire industry to vote. However, voting is only allowed once and you must register to vote.

Votes are counted in a secret underground facility populated by guard dogs and lawyers, even our webmasters dont have the results until they are counted.

Your vote is completely and 100% hidden from the public. We do not keep a permanent record of who voted for what and we do not publish the details of a voter or their choices.

Since these awards are almost as prestigious as the United States Presidency, we only allow you to vote once…make it count!

The winners are announced and presented with their ED Award during the Live ED Awards show in Las Vegas. The winners will also be listed online after the Awards Show and the completion of The Gentlemens Club Trade-Show. There is no set date for this but typically we will update the websites a few weeks after the show or when the webmasters recover from alcohol poisoning …whichever comes first.

You can visit any of our websites:

No, contrary to popular belief there is no hidden davinci code in the badge.

Yes usually after they win we never see them again unless it’s on the red carpet, but they always forget that they know us.
Sometimes they won’t even accept the flowers we send. That’s why we wait in vans outside their dressing rooms. The winner of an ED Award is given industry wide recgonition as a recipient of the most prestigeous award in the Gentlmens Club Industry. Congrats to all of the Winners of The ED Award.

Absolutely not, we will never spam you with junk. You may only receive quality services, specials and communications from ED.

Absolutely not, just because we want everyone to be unhappy and hate us, and we want to be in a quagmire of controversy. We made it so simple to hack the votes that even the stupidest of trained monkeys could figure it out. Hopefully, that discourages people from participating next year! Just kidding, of course, the system is secure!
The Secure Vote System™ allows only one vote from one person. The actual submitted votes aren’t even seen by the humans until the polls end.

The club categories are divided up by region.

The Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO is the ONLY convention in the world for the multi-billion-dollar adult nightclub industry. It is open exclusively to club owners/operators, club staff, entertainers and industry professionals, including the vendors who exhibit at the two-day business-to-business tradeshow.

The EXPO regularly features three days of must-attend seminars and panel sessions geared toward club owners, general managers, DJs, security staff and other key club personnel; two days of a 110-booth Tradeshow with vendors showcasing their latest products and services; exclusive evening parties and networking events, and the Annual ED’s Awards Show.

ED Magazine (formerly known as Club Bulletin) has been the bimonthly industry trade magazine for the multi-billion-dollar adult nightclub industry since 1996 (although ED Publications as an annual guide has been in business since 1991). ED Magazine is mailed to the owners and operators of more than 1,700 adult nightclubs in North America—and is also mailed to over 1,000 more vendors and industry professionals. The magazine is the only news and reference source for the decision-makers and buyers at gentlemen’s clubs.

Each issue of ED Magazine is packed with legal, marketing, management, staff training and vendor relations news designed with but one goal in mind—to increase business for  gentlemen’s club owners by providing them with how-to tips and access to the vendors and industry pros whose products and services can help them increase their profits. It’s big business, and it’s a business that ED Publications has covered, and will continue to cover, in a big way.

ED Publications currently produces: ED Magazine, the bimonthly news magazine for the owners and operators of adult nightclubs; the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO, the only national convention for the adult nightclub and feature entertainment industries; and the Annual Adult Nightclub & Exotic Dancer Awards Show (The ED’s Awards), the only national awards show for this industry. ED Publications also operates several industry websites, including ExoticDancer.com, StripClubs4Sale.com, and digital.edpublications.com, which features online editions of the magazine.

ED (Exotic Dancer) Publications is the only national business magazine, national convention and national awards show serving the multi-billion-dollar adult nightclub industry. The company was established in 1991 and has faithfully served this industry for three decades! We have produced the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO since its inception in 1993, and look forward to celebrating the 30th Anniversary of EXPO in 2023 at the Paris Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, August 20-23!